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Beginning July 1, 2017, all Department of Workers’ Claims (DWC) submissions must be made in electronic format via the DWC’s Litigation Managment System (LMS).  However, due to the ongoing development of the capacity of the LMS to receive and process settlement agreements in electronic format, the DWC will continue, until further notice, to accept Form 110 Settlement Agreements in paper format subsequent to July 1, 2017.


gocRoland Niemi Law Group was recently certified by Greenline Paper Company as a Green Office.  The award is given by Greenline Paper Company “to organizations that meet certain environmentally-friendly criteria.”  Roland Niemi Law Group’s virtual office and true paperless environment were integral in receiving this prestigious certification.

Roland Niemi Law Group is a virtual and paperless law firm — a unique format for an industry known for producing reams of paper per second and expending millions of dollars to maintain physical infrastructures that revolve around just managing a paper-based service. Roland Niemi is attuned to the waste, disorganization and costs associated with maintaining the traditional law practice, and we are equally cognizant of environmental concerns associated with “doing business as usual.” Our practice allows us to reduce our “carbon footprint,” a concern felt across our planet as well as in our own state.

Read more about how our state, with the assistance of Kentucky‘s first lady, Jane Beshear, is encouraging reduction of the carbon footprint and making our state a greener place to live at


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