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The Workers’ Compensation Nominating Committee has recommended three nominees for the Administrative Law judge position, term expiring December 31, 2017, in the Department of Workers’ Claims.

Nominees are:  Anthony Gray, a defense attorney with Quintairos Prieto Wood Boyer of Lexington, KY; W. Greg Harvey, a Bowling Green, KY defense attorney with Kerrick Bachert; and Gregory Schabell, a Covington, KY plaintiff’s attorney with Berger and Cox.  This is Schabell’s 4th nomination for the position.


UPDATE:  Governor Beshear has appointed Udell Levy to fill the unexpired term of former ALJ Hays.  The term will expire on December 31, 2015.

The DWC Nominating Commission has recommended three attorneys to be considered by Governor Beshear for filling the unexpired term of former ALJ Ed Hays.  They are:  Louisville attorney, Udell Levy; Louisville attorney, Stephanie Kinney and Northern Kentucky attorney, Gregory N. Schabell.  Levy and Schabell have appeared on the Commission’s recommendation list before.  This is Kinney’s first time on the list.


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