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The Kentucky Senate adjourned last week without considering the reappointment of ALJs Greg Allen, Scott Borders and Udell Levy.  As such, these ALJs will not be reappointed and three ALJ vacancies will now need to be filled. The Senate did confirm the reappointment of Rebekka B. Rechter  as Board Member for a new four year term.

The Senate has also confirmed the reappointments of the following ALJs for four year terms: Christopher Davis, Douglas W. Gott, Tanya Pullin , Grant S. Roark and Jonathan Weatherby.

ALJs Thomas Polites, Otto Daniel Wolff, IV, Jane Rice Williams and Steven G. Bolton are also up for reappointment and have been recommended for such by the Workers’ Compensation Nominating Commission.

The Workers’ Compensation Nominating Commission is comprised of William Grover Arnett, Chairperson; Charles J. Baird; Sherri P. Brown-Keller; Robert W. Carlisle; Brockton L. Edwards; Charles E. McCoy and McKinnley Morgan.


The Kentucky Workers’ Compensation Nominating Commission has recommended W. Bruce Cowden, Lawrence Smith and Richard Joiner to Governor Beshear for appointment to the Workers’ Compensation Board Member position, which will expire on December 31, 2011. Cowden currently holds that position.

The Commission has recommended the reappointment of ALJs R. Scott Borders, Marc C. Davis, Douglas W. Gott, Edward D. Hays, Grant S. Roark and Lawrence F. Smith, whose terms expire December 31, 2011.  The Commission did not recommend re-appointment for ALJ Howard Frasier or ALJ James Kerr.



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